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You will never be bored to Naxos island.
You can choose activities between:

  • Guided tours
  • Hikes
  • Sea sportsρ
  • Water slides
  • Daily cruises (in Mykonos, Santorini, Delos, Small Cyclades)
  • Diving
  • Yachting
  • Horse riding
  • Kart
  • Tennis



Nobody can resist the charm of the never-ending, golden beaches of Naxos and its clean, greenish blue waters.


Some of the churches of the island are:

  • Zoodohos Pigi(the orthodox Cathedral)
  • Hypapante(the Catholic Cathedral)
  • Monastery of Christ Fotodotis in Danakos
  • Panagia Protothronos

Some of the most important museums on the island are:

  • Archeological museum in Chora
  • Domus Della Rocca Barozzi(Venecian museum) in Chora
  • Geological musum in Apeiranthos
  • The Folk Art Museum in Apeiranthos
  • Oil press Museum in Eggares

The monuments on the island show the spledid past and its rich history,They impress visitors with their greatness.

  • Temple of Apollo
  • Temple of Donysus in Iria
  • Dionysos temple at Iria
  • Ancient water reservoir
  • Three kouroi(Flerio and Apollona))
  • Acropolis di Panormos
  • Chora's castle
  • Apalirou castle
  • Kalamitsia
  • Dellaroka's tower