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By making a reservation you declare full knowledge and unconditional acceptance of the accommodation, reservation, payment and cancellation policies of the hotel "HOTEL FIKAS". The terms and conditions described below apply to all bookings made by e-mail or telephone.

All listed prices are in euros.

All prices include all legal taxes, VAT. Prices do not include the new "Climate Crisis Resilience TAX" (Law Α.1217/2.1.2024), which entered into force on January 2, 2024.


Check-In / Check-Out for hotel guests:

Check-in at HOTEL FIKAS is at 15:00-24:00 and departure time is 11:00.

The hotel will make every effort to accommodate the stay of our guests, provided estimated time of arrival when booking.

Requests for later check-out can only be made through the front desk and are subject to availability based on hotel occupancy. Additional charges may apply.


Change of stay and Cancellations

According to the current legislation ("Regulation of hoteliers-customers relations", decision of the General Secretary of EOT no. 535813/79, Law 1652/86) in case the visitor decides to leave earlier than the period he had if agreed, then compensation for early departure is provided, which is equal to 50% of the daily room rate for the number of canceled nights.

Please inform the booking department validly by written or telephone communication for any changes or cancellations In case of cancellation our policy is as follows:

If canceled up to 21 days before date of arrival, no fee will be charged and the full deposit will be refunded.
In case of cancellation of the reservation less than 21 days before the scheduled arrival the guest is charged 30% of the total stay based on the type of room he had chosen.
For cancellation on arrival, during the stay or for no show at the hotel (no show) the guest is charged 100% of the stay based on the type of room he had chosen. The hotel reserves the right to charge 100% of the reservation in case of no-show.
Please arrange your payment within four (4) working days of booking, and in case of bank deposit / transfer send us a copy by email. If we do not receive proof of payment electronically or otherwise, within four (4) working days from the date of booking, the booking will be canceled automatically.

Upon arrival, details will be confirmed, the reservation will be confirmed and any full amount related to the value of your stay will be paid in full. With the full payment of the value of your stay, the receipt will be issued. In case you wish to issue an invoice, please inform the reception upon arrival.

Minimum Age Requirements: All guests must be 18 years of age or older to confirm rooms at Fikas Hotel. Valid ID or passport must be presented at check-in for age verification.

Hotel payment policy:

Preferred payment methods:

Master Card
Cash (on arrival / departure)
Transfer / Deposit to a bank account

For transactions with AMEX & DINERS credit cards the hotel additionally withholds 3% of the total transaction as a bank fee.

➢ For VISA and MASTER CARD credit card transactions, the hotel does not withhold any bank charges.


Payment of the balance of the reservations made with a 30% deposit is made upon arrival (check-in)

The hotel reserves the right to check the validity of credit cards at any time.


Smoking policy:

Smoking is prohibited in the rooms and all enclosed areas of the hotel.


Pet Policy:

Only small pets are allowed. Please inform when booking your intention to come to the hotel with a pet, so that we can prepare accordingly for its arrival.


Children & extra people:

Babies and children up to the age of 3 are accommodated free of charge in a baby cot placed in the room for an extra charge of 5 euros / day, or in their parents' bed free of charge. Maximum number per room is 1 baby cot (playpen).
For children aged 4 to 14 years the charge is € 10 per night.
For children over 14 years and adults the charge is 30% of the room rate per night per person
Maximum capacity of extra beds / babycots in a double room is 1. Maximum capacity of a double room is 3. Maximum capacity of a room in a apartment 5.
Extra people / beds may not be included / calculated 

are automatically included in the total cost and must be paid separately during your stay.
Baby cots / cot beds and extra beds are available on request and availability
Please contact us prior to arrival to ensure that the bedroom settings you desire are available.


Pool Usage Regulations

All children under the age of 16 should use the pool only under the supervision of a parent-guardian.
The hotel bears no responsibility for incidents - accidents due to non-supervision of children by parent - guardian.
The use of the pool is from 09:00 a.m. until sunset
Guests can use the pool at least 2 hours after their last meal.

Children's policy:

Children under the age of 10 must be accompanied by their parents / guardians at all times during their stay at the hotel.
Parents / guardians are responsible for the use of sharp objects and electrical appliances in the room.
The hotel will not be liable for any accidents due to the unauthorized use of appliances and kitchen utensils by minors.


For any damage or loss caused to the Hotel and caused by customers during their stay, they must compensate the Hotel before their departure.
Customers are responsible for the safekeeping of their personal belongings and especially valuables, the Hotel is relieved of any responsibility for any damage or loss.
In case the Hotel is unable to make the rooms available on the booking dates for any reason, then it must provide the guests accommodation in another Hotel in the area and return the amount of the deposit that has been deposited.

Customer behavior

Guests are kindly requested to respect the quiet schedule

behave decently as well as respect other tenants and the

hotel staff. Also, all tenants must comply with

the hotel regulations, while the hotel reserves the right to refuse

access or expel, subject to any reservation, any conduct

which is considered offensive, abusive or reprehensible. In this case the hotel is not obliged to pay any compensation.


We would also like to inform you that, in the rooms, for the safety of all, for the best possible service and the smooth operation of the hotel, it is not possible:

The use of stoves and candles.
Music and any kind of gathering in the rooms, which can create noise or annoyance to other customers during quiet hours.
Transportation and use outside the rooms of linen facades and other items of clothing.
You are not allowed to smoke indoors
Also any visit of acquaintances and friends to be done only in the common areas of the hotel. Room visits are not allowed.
Hotel guests / outside guests

Only the guest / guests who have been registered as beneficiaries when booking the room have the right to use the room. If an outside guest wishes to meet a certain guest of the hotel, this meeting must take place in public areas. 


In the event of damage to the room or its surroundings due to fraud or negligence, the hotel reserves the right to charge the amount of damage suffered, including damage due to the cessation of operations, to its credit / debit card registered customer. In case the customer has not paid by credit / debit card but in cash or otherwise the hotel will demand immediate payment of the amount of damage suffered by the customer, otherwise all legal rights are reserved.

Please note that Fikas Hotel reserves the right to make additions and modify current policies at any time without notice.


To be informed about the current policy visit the website

For prices of groups, clubs or associations as well as for offers or long stays, please contact us.